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Botanical Listing  

Grapefruit is available in two basic types, white-fleshed & pigmented. The pigmented varieties need high heat to develop internal color. Grapefruit trees are beautiful ornamentals with large, deep green leaves & big clusters of very visible, delicious fruit. They are easy to grow & are hardy to at least 28 degrees.

‘Bloomsweet’ Grapefruit  
cross between a pummelo & a sour orange, hefty yellow grapefruit, with thinner skin, very juicy, fairly sweet pale flesh, unique flavor of grapefruit & orange, easy to peel & segment, ripens November/December
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‘Golden’ Grapefruit  
Gorgeous golden-amber flesh, much sweeter than any other grapefruit, excellent aroma, wonderful mild, sweet flavor, very juicy, somewhat seedy

‘Rio Red’ Grapefruit  
Improved “red” variety, exceptionally high juice content, sweet red flesh, very few seeds, later maturing than other “red” grapefruits, fairly cold hardy
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Kumquats are not citrus but are of the genus Fortunella. The small orange fruit is eaten whole, rind & all (the flavor is in the skin) or used in candies, jams, & sauces. They are the most cold hardy of all citrus, withstanding temperatures below 20 degrees. Beautiful small trees to 12’ tall unless grafted on the dwarfing ‘Flying Dragon’ rootstock. They make exceptional evergreen ornamental trees with their compact growth habit, ideal for growing in containers.

‘Meiwa’ Kumquat  
Most popular for eating out of hand, delicious round fruit, sweet, flavorful rind & flesh, very few seeds
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‘Seedless Meiwa’ Kumquat  
Seedless form of the delicious, sweet, flavorful Meiwa but slightly more oval than round

‘Nagami’ Kumquat  
Popular commercial variety, oval shaped, sweet rind, tart flesh
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‘Improved Meyer’ Lemon  
Handsome, productive, hardy & delicious. Meyer is a hybrid of a lemon & a mandarin. It is larger than a true lemon with a thin skin & higher sugar content. Delicious and very juicy. Almost no thorns. Cold tolerant to the low 20’s.
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‘Mexican Thornless’ Lime  
Also known as the ‘Key Lime’. A beautiful, very productive, small ever-bearing tree with excellent quality fruit: very aromatic, juicy, & acidic with a thin rind. Not cold hardy. Excellent in containers.
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A cold hardy citrus known for thin, loose skin that peels easily with juicy, delicious, sweet fruit that sections easily. There are many varieties of mandarins (some are called Tangerines). Another class of mandarins are Satsuma’s. They’re the most cold hardy of the mandarins, to 18 degrees F. The sweet, aromatic, juicy fruit is normally larger, virtually seedless, & also easy to peel. Basically all mandarins have dense, dark green foliage & are highly ornamental.

‘Atlas Honey’ Mandarin  
Delicious, sweet, juicy, flavorful, early maturing mandarin, hardier than most mandarins, easy to peel, dwarf variety, good for containers, somewhat seedy
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‘Page’ Mandarin  
Early maturing, thornless, very productive, rich, sweet, juicy, well colored, round, smooth, medium to small fruit, moderately seedy, resembles small orange with superb mandarin flavor

‘Pong Koa’ Mandarin  
Large fruit, very uniform in shape, size & color (yellow-orange), fairly thin peel, outstanding fruit quality, clear medium orange flesh, juicy, sweet & very full flavored
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‘Seedless Kishu’ Mandarin  
Excellent dwarf citrus (great for containers), produces 2”-3” bright orange, seedless, mild flavored, sweet, juicy fruit, early maturing, heavy producing, holds well for extended harvest

Satsuma Mandarins – Texas Superstar™  

‘BC2’ Satsuma Mandarin  
Delicious, sweet, easy to peel, early maturing, seedling of ‘Armstrong Early’ grown by Bonnie Childers, quite cold hardy, seedless

‘Dobashi-Beni’ Satsuma Mandarin  
Great early maturing mandarin, mild, sweet, seedless, zipper skinned fruit
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‘Okitsu-wase’ Satsuma Mandarin  
Early maturing, very cold hardy, loose, easy to peel rind & juicy flesh, mild flavor, virtually seedless

‘Owari’ Satsuma Mandarin  
Late maturing, very cold hardy, sweet flavor, low acidity, very delicate fruit, easy to peel, seedless
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‘Miho’ Satsuma Mandarin  
Satsuma, sister variety of Okitsu, cold hardy, early maturing, high quality fruit, sweet flavor, low acidity, easy to peel, seedless

‘Seto’ Satsuma Mandarin Hybrid  
Between Satsuma & an orange, early maturing, cold hardy, vigorous, fruit quality is better than both parents, juicy, sweet flavor
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‘Republic of Texas’ Orange  
The first citrus grown in Texas near Angleton. A truly cold hardy sweet orange dating back to the 1800’s. Produces a nice size, very sweet, juicy, highly flavorful fruit – excellent taste. Slightly seedy, A heavy producer. Tree averages 15’ x 15’ if not pruned.
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‘Moro’ Blood Orange  
Bears juicy medium size fruit, rich distinctive flavor & a red to pink pulp, nearly seedless, fairly cold hardy, bears heavily in alternate years, produces beautifully colored juice

‘Cara Cara’ Pink Navel Orange  
Sport of a ‘Washington’ orange, medium sized round fruit, juicy, extremely sweet, & flavor-rich, low acidity, flesh has deep pink pigmentation, few to no seeds, fairly cold hardy
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‘Calamondin’ “Orange”  
Very hardy wonderfully ornamental citrus, tart, kumquat-like fruit can be eaten fresh or used for cooking, on its on roots, tree is compact & fine textured, great for garden or container

Unusual Citrus & Hybrids  
‘Buddha’s Hand’, ‘Indio Mandarinquat’, Limequats, Tangelos
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All grafted citrus is grown on one of the following root stocks:

Trifoliate Orange  
Well adapted to heavy clay soils, very cold hardy
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‘Flying Dragon’ Trifoliate Orange
The dwarf form of trifoliate, very cold hardy

‘Swingle’ Citrumelo  
A vigorous hardy, trifoliate hybrid rootstock, makes beautiful large trees
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