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Botanical Listing Common Name

Abelia ‘Little Richard’ Little Richard Abelia
Evergreen, 3’-5’, compact, white tublar flowers in late spring and reddish-wine fall foliage color, sun/part shade

Agarista populifolia Leucothoe
Native, evergreen, 8’-12’ multi-trunk shrub or small tree or prune to size, new growth is blush-pink, extremely fragrant tiny white bell-shaped flowers in spring, part shade or sun, moist, well drained
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Ardesia crenata Christmas Berry
Evergreen, 2’-3’ slow growing shrub with glossy foliage, covered with clusters of bright red berries winter to spring, shade, well prepared bed, moist, well drained

Callicarpa Americana American Beautyberry
Native 4’-6’ deciduous shrub famous for its spectacular display of rosy-purple berries along the stems fall & winter, part shade, birds
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Callistemon sp. ‘Little John’ Little John Bottlebrush
Evergreen in mild winters, 3’ x 3’ aromatic, dense green foliage, bright red flowers resembling the bristles on a bottlebrush spring to fall, full sun/light shade, moist, good drainage, butterflies

Cephalanthus occidentalis Native Buttonbush
10’-15’, large shrub/small tree, fragrant creamy white globe-shaped summer flowers, full sun/part shade, produces fruit attracting 25+ species of birds
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Cephalotaxus harringtonia drupaceae Prostrate Plum Yew
Evergreen, broad horizontal multiple-stemmed form with flat branches & dense foliage, slow growing, fine textured shrub 2’-3’ x 3’-5’, afternoon shade, moist, well drained

Euonymus Americana Strawberry Bush
Native, 5’-6’ upright shrub, irregular, airy form with thin, green, horizontal stems, strawberry-like red capsules in fall that crack open exposing bright orange seeds, red fall foliage, shade, moist, well drained
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Feijoa sellowiana Pineapple Guava
Evergreen, 6’-12’ shrub with blue-green foliage & silver backing, blooms spring 11/2” white & red fragrant flowers that are edible & tasty, produces an edible fruit, full sun/part shade

Hydrangea quercifolia Oakleaf Hydrangea
Native, 4’-6’ shrub with spectacular large foliage & magnificent panicles of creamy-white flowers in spring, striking red-orange fall foliage, shade loving, moist, well drained.
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Hydrangea serrata Japanese Hydrangea
Evergreen, 2’-3’, compact shrub, clusters of small pink or blue bell shaped flowers dependent on soil PH, shade, moist, well drained

Ilex sp. ‘Cherry Bomb’ Cherry Bomb Holly
Evergreen, 3’-5’ x 3’-4’, compact growing holly with glossy, smooth edged foliage, huge red berries, sun/part shade, moist, well drained
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Indigofera kirilowii Indigofera
2’ tall deciduous mounding shrub, narrow arching stems covered with 6”-8” clusters of pink wisteria-like flowers spring to fall, sun/light shade, moist, well drained

Itea virginica ‘Morning Star’ Morning Star Sweetspire
Native, 4’-6’, shrub, this variety is more evergreen, arching limbs, pendulous racemes of fragrant white flowers in spring, fall colored foliage, sun/part shade, tolerates wet, slowly colonizes
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Itea virginica ‘Little Star’ Little Star Sweetspire
Native, 2’-3’ dwarf shrub, arching stems, fragrant long racemes of white flowers in spring, outstanding red-orange fall color, sun/part shade, tolerates wet, very slowly colonizes

Lagerstroemia x ‘Pokonoke’ Pokonoke Crapemyrtle
2’-3’, basketball shaped shrub, tiny, dark green foliage, watermelon red flowers, sun/part shade, moist, well drained, mildew resistant
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Ligustrum sp. ‘Wimbei’ Wimbei Ligustrum
Evergreen, 7’-8’, upright ascending habit, tiny dark green foliage, excellent accent plant, sun/part shade

Loropetalum chinensis ‘Blush’ Blush Chinese Witch Hazel
Evergreen, upright growth 5’-10’ with slightly arching branches, new growth emerges blush pink before turning green, incredible display of vivid hot pink fringy flowers February & March & sporadic summer & fall, sun/light shade, easily pruned to any size desired, good drainage
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Mahonia fortunei Chinese Mahonia
Evergreen, 3’-4’ shrub, dark green lance-like foliage on tight compact plant, blooms clusters of yellow flowers in fall, shade

Malpighia glabra ‘Nana’ Dwarf Barbados Cherry
Native, 3’-4’ unique & colorful shrub with small pink & white flowers summer & fall, produces an abundance of red cherry-like fruit, evergreen most winters, sun/part shade, birds
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Malpighia glabra Standard Barbados Cherry
Native, 7’-9’ unique & colorful tall shrub with small pink & white flowers summer & fall, produces an abundance of red cherry-like fruit, evergreen most winters, sun/part shade, birds

Michelia skinneriana Skinner’s Banana Shrub
Evergreen, 10’-12’ large shrub/small tree, attractive dark, glossy, green foliage & unique banana yellow flowers with a wonderful banana scent, blooms spring/summer/fall, full sun/understory
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Myrica cerifera Southern Wax Myrtle
Native, evergreen, fast growing, 12’-18’ shrub or multi-trunk tree, beautiful, slender, dark green foliage, sun/part shade, tolerant of drought & poor drainage

Osmanthus fragrans Sweet Olive
Evergreen, 6’-10’, highly fragrant, delicate clustered white flowers spring & fall, sun/part shade, moist, good drainage
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Sabal minor Dwarf Palmetto
Native, evergreen, mounds of upright 6’-8’ palm fans from a central base, fans average 4’-5’ across, produces 6’-8’ clusters of creamy-white flowers spring & summer followed by round black fruit, tough, sun, shade, wet/dry

Serissa foetida ‘Kowloon’ Kowloon Serissa
Evergreen, 2’-3’ unique, bushy shrub with crowded, tiny, ovate, leathery, green leaves with white margins, blooms adorable, tiny, star-shaped white flowers spring & fall, light shade
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Spirea japonica ‘Neon Flash’ Neon Flash Spirea
3’ x 3’, bushy mound of lush green foliage, showy clusters of pink flowers spring & summer, full sun/light shade, moist, well drained

Symphoricarpos orbiculatus Coralberry
Native, 2’-3’ small deciduous shrub with slender arching stems covered with burgundy berries fall to spring, afternoon shade
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Thryallis galphimia Golden Shower Thryallis
Evergreen mild winters, 3’-6’, narrow bluish-green foliage, clusters of small bright yellow flowers nearly year-round, sun, salt & drought tolerant

Viburnum luzonicum Luzon Viburnum
Semi-evergreen, 4’-8’ shrub, wonderfully textured soft green foliage, blooms clusters of creamy-white flowers mid-spring, sun/part shade
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Viburnum obovatum Walter’s Viburnum
Native evergreen 6’-12’ shrub, attractive small dark green leaves, magnificent display of clusters of white flowers February & March, sun/part shade, tolerates wet & drought, can be sheared as a hedge, a tall screen or pruned as a small tree. tough!

Viburnum obovatum densata Compact Walter’s Viburnum
Native evergreen 4’-6’ shrub, attractive small dark green leaves, clusters of white flowers February & March, sun/part shade
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Viburnum propinqum Viburnum Propinqum
Evergreen, 3’-5’ tall x 2’-3’ wide, lustrous dark green, glossy foliage, creamy-white flowers in spring, small bluish-black berries in fall, sun/part shade, moist, good drainage

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